Meet Andrew

My wife is a native Nevadan born right here in Reno at Saint Mary’s. Together we have two young children, our son Sterling who is approaching three, and our daughter Lillian, who is six months old and growing like crazy.

My family moved to Reno when I was young and I attended Caughlin Ranch Elementary, Billinghurst and then McQueen where I played football for one of the major mentors in my life, Coach Ken Dalton. I then went on to get my degree at UNR where I was on the dean’s list, followed later by receiving my MBA and being actively involved in student government. I have a long history of real involvement at our state’s flagship institution going back to my days as a student, this isn’t just some passing whim for me.

I spent several sessions working as a nonpartisan staffer at the state legislature and have a thorough knowledge of our state government gained through first-hand experience. During that time I was able to build relationships and trust with our elected leaders that continue today and will allow me to be an effective advocate for our universities and community colleges.

I began working for a statewide gaming company a few years ago and have worked my way up to be the youngest member of the executive team. Our company has grown rapidly and one of my responsibilities is to be an advocate for the thousands of team members we have in Reno and Las Vegas. Many of the people I work with have kids attending a Nevada university or community college, or are even current students or alumni themselves, so representing them on the board of regents will be an extension of what I already do every day at work.